Income tax audit

We are happy to provide you with assistance during your audit, including in our premises.

Income tax audit

The announcement of an income tax audit generally entails a considerable amount of work for you insofar as the payroll accounting was not produced by us. Regardless of whether you have prepared the payroll accounting yourself or have commissioned us with the preparation of you payroll accounting, we will also happily assume the task of supporting your audit at our premises.

If an auditor has announced his visit the goal should be to avoid any objections on his part if at all possible. This applies in particular to income tax audits. This does not just entail the risk of a subsequent payment of the wage tax, turnover tax and social insurance auditor also take an interest in the results of the income tax audit.

The income tax audit frequently leads to additional tax payments and to the back payment of social security contributions. Payroll tax assessments – mostly in the form of non-cash benefits to employees - are frequently subject to turnover tax. Hence the local tax office evaluates the income tax report internally and additionally demands turnover tax or subsequently performs a turnover tax special audit. The social security auditor also fundamentally demands the last income tax audit report during his audit and the social security auditor is thus normally happy about receiving his first findings and discovering additional profits without really having performed an audit himself. It is therefore important to work towards ensuring that no or just moderate findings are established during the income tax audit.

By contrast with a income tax review, an income tax audit is announced in advance, so that there is generally enough time to prepare for the audit in cooperation with us.


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