Digital processes and in the cloud

We have been advising and supporting our Clients in the area of the digitisation of working sequences since 2009. Here we assume the task of implementing digital systems for your entire business sequences or to begin with just for your accounting and / or payroll accounting.

Digital processes and in the cloud

Our consultancy services are for instance sponsored up to an amount of € 10,000.00 by the Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen as part of the digital subsidy offered by the government.

Since 2010, we have also digitised our entire processes and sequences internally and work in an almost paperless manner using a document management system.

We have already digitised the accounting and payroll accounting in particular for countless Clients and do not exchange any paper receipts in our collaboration together. The data are exchanged in a cloudbased and encrypted manner between our Clients and us after having been scanned. In the course of this process, the documents are not only archived, but bank transfers are also performed, dunning letters created, filing systems generated, internal and external control systems mapped and documents that could previously be amended, archived in an audit-proof manner.

As a result of the digitisation is possible to set up a system on our own servers or using cloud-based solutions which makes it possible for you to destroy all the original documents following a scanning process which replaces these paper documents.

Ultimately you not only have access to your documents from any location but also receive working results (payroll accounts, evaluations of the accounting such as business assessments etc.) which you can digitally inspect at any time in your system.

Our practical experiences demonstrate that the time required for the digitisation of documents often pays for itself after a short start-up phase by reducing search effort, the elimination of sorting work, optimization of work processes, reduction of storage space, the elimination of transport of receipts, etc. In addition, work processes are often performed more quickly and more effectively.

Here we do of course work independently, but also frequently with the market leading IT service provider DATEV, as an interface partner. Insofar as you are already in possession of merchandise management system or similar software we will inspect the ideal route into the digital world together with you. We also combine several software systems here with the use of interfaces.

In each case the goal remains the optimisation of the collaboration – whether this is by the departments within the company, or between your company and your customer or suppliers or between your company and BAUMANN & BAUMANN. We are already looking forward to tomorrow’s world today!


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