Consultancy for doctors and the health professions

The healthcare sector is characterised by constantly changing framework conditions. We also competently and comprehensively provide consultancy for doctors and the healthcare profession.

Consultancy for doctors and the health professions

The specialisation of a section of our team in healthcare sector consultancy enables us to offer top quality consultancy here. In this way we make it possible for you to focus on your core activity without neglecting essential administrative tasks in the process.

In addition to the classic consultancy services, which we have listed in the general part of the range of services, we provide consultancy through our specialist consultants for the healthcare sector (IFU / ISM GmbH) and specialist lawyers and specially trained and further educated employees in particular concerning:

  • forms of medical cooperation (group practices, practice groups, medical service centres, transregional group practices, apparatus sharing communities)
  • Extension of the practice
  • Purchase, foundation, conversion, transfer, sale
  • Taking on partners
  • Turnover tax and trade tax law especially in the healthcare professions
  • Civil and company law especially in the healthcare sector
  • Medical malpractice law
  • Patient decrees
  • Health insurance law
  • General and other medical law
  • Quality management (regular audits and certification)



Non-binding consultation

We would be very pleased if you contact us. So we can find out what we can do for you in a non-binding conversation. We are happy to take time for you.

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