Business mediation

Sometimes it is worthwhile leaving well trodden paths and to go in a new direction. We offer you mediation as a procedure for the efficient and comprehensive resolution of conflicts.

Business mediation
Business mediation

Mediation is a procedure for the efficient and comprehensive resolution of conflicts. In Germany mediation is continuously gaining importance especially against the backdrop of the public discussion concerning the German Mediation Act. In the field of mediation the parties frequently find a speedy and economically reasonable solution with the aid of the mediator. The constant changes in the economic sector have resulted in an increasing number of conflicts between business partners. The handling of these conflicts in court generally goes hand in hand with high financial losses and the termination of the business relationship. In the event of disputes within companies or between shareholders, in the event of succession regulations or succession conflicts, in the event of company takeovers or the sale of companies, mediation is often an appropriate means of arriving at an expedient and discreet solution whilst integrating all the parties and their interests.

We offer you an interesting alternative though our offer of supporting you during this conflict by means of business mediation in addition to the consultancy on structural issues and seeking an acceptable solution for all the business partners. We help you to find a targeted and future-oriented solution option for the issues pending through business mediation.

The business mediation is offered by Mrs Ilse Baumann, Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH) (Graduate in tax administration) and tax consultant in the form of an individual moderation and also a co-moderation ( In addition to many years of practical experience as a consultant, Mrs Ilse Baumann has built on her theoretical knowledge of mediation by training as a Business Mediator in 2007 at the Fortbildungswerk (training organisation) of the German Association of Tax Consultants.



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