Social commitment

Every day we, the partners of BAUMANN & BAUMANN, take responsibility on behalf of you, our Clients. However, the assumption of responsibility is not a service but instead an outlook. This is because we feel responsible.

Social commitment

In order to ensure that the course in the direction of the future is also the right one in social sectors, we also engage in countless small and larger projects. Outside of the firm’s doors, but also inside them.

Outside the firm

We consider the training of children and young people as our future. As a school and apprentice mentor for young people we provide very specific assistance to ensure that this sentence will become a little bit more truthful every single day. We also support talented students.

There are also places at our own doorstep where we want to, and can, achieve something. For instance as voluntary employees for ORsdE (Ober-Ramstadt stützt den Einzelhandel) (Ober-Ramstadt supports the retail trade) or as the town's environmental sponsor. We also sponsor regional associations which are obliged to the pursue the public welfare. Here we support the following organisations amongst others: The voluntary fire service of Ober-Ramstadt, Weiterleben e.V. (continue living -.association for psychosocial counselling of cancer patients), Förderverein Darmstädter Kinderkliniken Prinzessin Margaret e.V. (association for the promotion of the Darmstadt Prinzessin Margaret paediatric clinics), schools and nursery schools as well as the integration of migrants in our society.

However, money is not the only thing that is required, but also our time and our expertise. This is why we also consult associations or charitable institutions.




For years we have been training specialist employees in the tax and business consulting profession, legal secretaries, office communication clerks or business economists through a degree course at the Cooperative State University. We thus ensure in particular that we can also continue to provide you with sound consultancy services in the future though our well qualified staff. However the provision of training is also a social task. For this reason we provide training well beyond our own needs - and have been doing this constantly since 1975. In addition we support pupils in providing them with school internships and long-term internships so they can obtain their school leaving qualification.

Our doors are also open to children if they have a small or sometimes even a large problem. To this end we joined the “Bündnis Schutzburg” (association that offers shelter to children in danger) and clearly display this on our entrance by means of a notice for the children. Companies that have joined the association open their doors and eyes in order to provide children with support who require help in a specific situation.


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